Commercial vessels are in constant need of supplies to keep the ship, the crew and their operation running 24/7. A ship supplier is an important part of the delivery chain on board, our mission is always to make sure that the vessel has what the vessel requires.

Our goal is to make improvements and effectivizations within our own organization while simultaneously making sure that we can offer sustainable options to our customers.

By challenging the norm of what regular ship supply is and encouraging our customers to choose the more sustainable option we will establish the GREEN LINK!


Innovation is essential on the road to a more sustainable society, therefor it is also essential to us and our environmental work!

We strive to challenge the current standards and will find new solutions to secure a better tomorrow!


Collaboration with suppliers, customers, authorities and other entities will be a big part of succeeding with our environmental work.

Big change is acquired together!


Green Link is present throughout our whole organization!

It is implemented in our strategic plan and also in every departments business plan. All parts of DFS shall conduct an active environmental work process, we reach our goals by action!


Plastic is very interesting for us here at DFS!

We want to be a part of the solution regarding all types av problems that concern plastic but are especially focused on reducing the amount of plastic waste in our oceans.

Through guidance of our keywords, we will continuously look for new ways to help reduce plastic waste and increase the use of recycled plastic waste!


Reducing CO2-emissions is a must if the world wants to minimize the consequences of climate change.

We will do our part in developing our organization and value proposition in a way that minimizes the emission of CO2.

An important first step is to identify and present products that are manufactured, transported or used in a way that leads to a reduction of CO2-emissions.


The next generation of plastic ropes!

ReLine® is made from (100%) discarded plastic ropes and nets, it’s the world’s first example of a circular economy regarding the market of plastic ropes.

Join us in changing the market as a whole, it is time to make use of the waste we generate!

DFS Recycling Service

We offer our customers the possibility of recycling their old mooring ropes, fishing gear and whatever else might be of interest.

During 2022 we have actively been trying to increase this service to our customers and have already sent almost 10 000kg of material towards different recycling facilities. Our latest shipment (pictured) was sent to the Sotenäs Marine Recycling facility here in Sweden.
Contact us if you’d like to know more!

From rope to rope - Industry partners close the loop!

We are very proud to be a part of this groundbreaking achievement!

Through a collaboration with PLASTIX, Epsotech and Randers we have created a "closed loop" that uses old ropes as raw material to create new ones!

Innovation and collaboration is key if we want to fundamentally change we way we view the entire supply chain of plastic products.

The "Rope-to-Rope"-solution is a step in the right direction!

Recycled Bucket!

A bucket made (100%) out of recycled plastic waste from the maritime industry!

Using plastic waste as the raw material to create new high quality products is key if we want to reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans.

Togheter we can make a difference, one bucket at a time!


Ready for a revolution?

Transporting enormous amounts of liquid around the world is such a waste!
It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the solution – OneTab.

Reduced CO2 emissions, less plastic waste and more space on board. It doesn’t get better than that!

Read more and contact DFS if you have any questions!

An electric addition!

The Nissan e-NV200 is 100% powered by electricity and with its new and improved batteries of 40kWh it can go up to 30km on a single charge. The loading capacity of 4.2cbm offers the ability to deliver both small and large shipments, without a single drop of fossil fuel being spent.

DFS will always find the best ways regarding environmentally friendly solutions to the challenges that come with ship supply, this step is just one of many on our journey to ensuring that our business may still thrive without being a burden on the environment.