Flexible solutions at the heart of your supply chain.

Navigating the complex landscape of the maritime industry demands expertise, efficiency, and reliability.

Our proven experience of over 70 years makes us a trusted partner, ready to streamline your supply chain, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure timely deliveries. With our extensive network and cutting-edge technology, we offer a range of solutions, from ship supply to warehousing and distribution, all designed to meet the unique challenges of the maritime domain.

Reliability and a passion for service

Our team's dedication to reliability and service ensures you receive a top-notch experience every step of the way. Whether it’s supplying your vessel with top-quality goods, managing large scale projects, or consulting on supply chain optimization, DFS is your committed partner in achieving excellence in maritime logistics.

Elevate your maritime operations with DFS, where innovation, experience, and unwavering commitment converge.

3PL-solutions for your maritime supply chain

Storage and worldwide delivery of your ship spares, while you keep full track in our Customer Portal

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Our services in Logistics & Services

Our services in Logistics & Services


Global delivery solutions, all the way on board.

Supply chain management in the shipping industry can be a merciless task, we understand the importance of a tight schedule and will always make sure that your goods are delivered, all the way on board & on time.

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DFS can offer a wide arrange of services required within the maritime industry.

We, and our trusted partners, can help you with inspections, on board cleaning, waste disposal and much more. Get in touch and make your request, we will handle the rest.

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Handling your goods with expertise and precision

Our team takes your goods seriously and we handle all shipments with the utter most of care. We handle your receival, storage and delivery of ship spares while you are staying fully informed through our Customer Portal. Perhaps this is why our customers have let us handle their shipments over 20 000 times in the last five years alone?

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