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Agencies and suppliers we would like to highlight.


MARISOL has been developing and providing products to service the marine industry since 1986. From 2020-01-01 DFS earned the title of Private Label Customer, meaning exclusive, worldwide, first hand distributor rights for MARISOL Chemicals. We offer over 40 different products for:

  • Alkaline Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Acid Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Petroleum Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Water Treatment
  • Oil Treatment

MARISOL is continually developing its product line with the following concerns:

  1. Effective High Quality Products
  2. Products Formulated to Minimise Environmental Impact
  3. Economical Highly Concentrated Products

MARISOL Products are available through an extensive network of Authorised Marisol Retailers.

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AMOT has cost effective products and control systems that improve efficiency and safe operations of engines and engine packages. The rugged and compact designs are reliable and hazardous area rated* to ensure safety standards are met.

As an AMOT retailer we can help you with everything from Liquid temperature control valves, sensors and switches, air start and fuel shut-off valves to Bearing and Oil condition Monotoring systems.

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We are distributors of Castrol Marine who is the market leader in Marine Lubricants. We can supply in more than 825 ports worldwide. We give you that something extra when it comes to personal service and we enable large and small companies a chance to make a good deal.


Through receiving orders and advice we facilitate the selection of the delivery port and capacity needs, and we offer a wide range of lubricants. Total volumes gives us favorable prices and service. As a reseller, we also have access to Castrol’s laboratory for tests of the lubricant and ensures high quality. We deliver hundreds of tons of oil annually to satisfied customers both in and outside Sweden.

Mind you, top quality is not always the cheapest solution in the short term. It will pay off in the long run, though. Top quality buys you increased performance, less maintenance and spare parts and reduced consumption per hour.

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TEHO Ropes & Supplies Pte Ltd is well-established as a major provider of rigging, mooring, lifting and safety systems in Marine, Offshore O&G and Construction industries in Southeast Asia. We have extended our operations to key maritime centres around the globe through our sister companies; TEHO EuROPE B.V., TEHO International (USA), LLC and TEHO (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Our technical expertise, robust inventory, high service level, value pricing and global network, combine to make us an ideal “one-stop” shop for international companies seeking reliable partners for their supply chain...

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With a unique specialisation in products for niche areas of the shipping industry, Ferryl products give improved function, safety and appearance, through rust protection, lubrication and maintenance. With an international supply and agent network, Ferryl products are available in ever more major ports worldwide.

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