Global Supply

Navigating the world of ship supply

Our Global Supply Department, your trusted partner in orchestrating seamless ship supply services worldwide. With a legacy of over seven decades in the maritime industry, DFS Global Supply embodies excellence, reliability, and unwavering commitment to meeting the diverse needs of vessels across the globe.

We recognize the significance of time in the maritime industry. DFS Global Supply is synonymous with efficiency and timeliness, ensuring that vessels receive their supplies promptly, minimizing downtime, and optimizing operational performance.

Quality is the cornerstone of our ship supply services. DFS meticulously selects suppliers, adhering to the highest industry standards, and conducting rigorous quality checks to guarantee that our customers receive only top-tier products.

Global network

DFS boasts a vast network of partners and suppliers strategically positioned in key maritime hubs. This expansive reach allows us to efficiently source and deliver a comprehensive range of ship supplies, from provisions and bonded stores to deck and engine stores, wherever your vessel may be.

Want to optimize your on-board supply chain?
Contact DFS today!

Getting started is easy, just reach out to our team!


Want to optimize your on-board supply chain?
Contact DFS today!

Getting started is easy, just reach out to our team!



Why choose DFS?


At DFS, reliability is not just a word—it's our commitment. We pride ourselves on being the reliable backbone of maritime operations, a partner you can trust to meet your ship supply needs, no matter where or when your voyage takes you.

Embark on a journey of efficiency, quality, and reliability with DFS Global Supply. We are your compass in navigating the intricate world of ship supply services, ensuring that vessels are well-equipped and prepared for their maritime adventures across the vast oceans.

One point of contact

Managing multiple suppliers or contacts can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Having one point of contact at DFS frees up your resources and allows your crew to focus on their core responsibilities, knowing that your ship supply needs are being efficiently managed by a dedicated professional.

In essence, when using DFS Global Supply it simplifies the ship supply process, enhances communication, and ensures consistency and efficiency in meeting your vessel's needs. It's a strategic advantage that not only saves time and resources but also contributes to a smoother and more reliable maritime operation.

Additional advantages

Personal service with experienced and dedicated staff that make sure to look after your priorities.

Customize how you want to use our service. We are flexible and can assist in accordance with your specific needs.

DFS will be your one point of contact. Focus on your core business and let DFS manage the supply of your fleet.