Ship Shop

Simplifying ship supply!

Ship Shop boasts a robust base assortment comprising over 1000 articles, providing a diverse range of ship supplies. This extensive selection ensures that vessels have access to a wide array of essential items to meet their needs.

What sets Ship Shop apart however, is its complete customization capability. Account holders have the power to curate their own tailored assortment, choosing precisely what items they want to see or exclude from their web shop. This flexibility empowers ship owners and purchasing departments to regulate their vessel-specific assortments effortlessly. DFS goes the extra mile by offering the ability to add any item from any brand that customers desire. This remarkable feature allows ship owners to maintain control over their procurement, ensuring that only preferred brands and products are accessible.

Introducing: Offline Mode!

Ship Shop introduces a game-changing "Offline Mode." When logged in, users can activate this mode, caching the entire web shop in their browser. This ingenious feature is a lifeline for vessels that switch between internet-connected ports and limited or no internet connectivity at sea. With Offline Mode, shopping remains uninterrupted, enabling crews to browse, select, and order supplies even when far from shore.

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No internet?
No problem!

Offline Mode keeps your supplies just a click away, even if you are navigating the high seas.

Ship Shop

Take charge of your procurement!

With a diverse base assortment, complete customization, and the ability to add any brand you prefer, Ship Shop empowers you to shape your procurement exactly as you envision it. Ship Shop's groundbreaking Offline Mode revolutionizes your onboard shopping experience, ensuring uninterrupted access to supplies even in the most remote seas. Join the maritime revolution and choose Ship Shop for efficient, tailored, and connected ship supply. It's time to take charge of your procurement like never before.

Offline mode

Ship Shop's Offline Mode is a game-changer in maritime procurement. It's designed to empower you with uninterrupted shopping capabilities, even when sailing beyond the reach of traditional internet connectivity.

Once you're logged in, activate Offline Mode with a simple click. Your entire Ship Shop catalog, customized to your preferences, is instantly cached in your browser. This means you can continue browsing, selecting, and placing orders, even in remote areas or during connectivity gaps.

Join the maritime revolution with Ship Shop and experience effortless procurement like never before. Explore, select, and order supplies with confidence, knowing that Ship Shop's Offline Mode has you covered, even when you're off the grid.


Ship Shop goes beyond the ordinary by offering complete customization of your ship supply assortment. By selecting only the items you need, you can optimize your budget. No more overspending on supplies that won't be used, ensuring cost-efficient procurement. Choose your preferred brands and products. Maintain quality standards and consistency across your fleet or specific vessels.

Customization means efficient procurement that aligns perfectly with your vessel's unique demands. Experience procurement efficiency redefined with Ship Shop.

All the way onboard

Knowing that DFS is taking care of delivery brings peace of mind. It eliminates the stress and uncertainty associated with onboard logistics, allowing you to focus on what matters most. In essence, DFS's delivery service takes the complexity out of maritime logistics, ensuring your ordered supplies reach your vessel efficiently and cost-effectively. It's a testament to our commitment to simplifying ship supply for our valued customers.

Let DFS handle the logistics, and you can focus on your core responsibilities. We take care of the paperwork, coordination, and transportation, so you don't have to.