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Our comprehensive offering of ship stores is meticulously curated to meet the diverse needs of maritime operations. We provide a wide range of essential items, including safety gear, navigational aids, tools, electrical equipment, cleaning materials, and anything else you might need. These products are sourced from trusted suppliers, guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability to the lowest possible price.

Whether you require spare parts for machinery or everyday operational essentials, our products ensures that your vessel is well-equipped for smooth and efficient operations. At DFS, we understand the critical role that these supplies play in maritime success, and we are committed to delivering excellence at every turn.

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Below are some of our popular product categories.


High-quality deck equipment is indispensable on cargo vessels for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, it guarantees the safety of the vessel, its crew, and the valuable cargo it transports.

Operational efficiency is another critical factor. Efficient deck equipment accelerates essential processes, such as anchoring and cargo loading/unloading.

Moreover, compliance with international maritime regulations is imperative for cargo vessels. High-quality deck equipment is more likely to meet stringent regulatory standards, ensuring that the vessel remains in good standing with maritime authorities.

At DFS we can offer a complete range of high-quality deck equipment that will ensure your onboard safety, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance meet the highest standards.


Premium cabin stores are essential on board for various reasons. They contribute to crew comfort, well-being, and efficiency during long voyages. Adequate galley supplies ensure nutritious meals, boosting crew energy and productivity.

Proper bathroom fixtures, plumbing, and cleaning supplies maintain hygiene and prevent illnesses. Cabin safety equipment like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers enhances emergency response. Efficient storage solutions optimize cabin space, aiding organization.

Importantly, quality cabin accommodations attract and retain skilled crew, improving operational performance and complying with safety regulations. Overall, investing in top-tier cabin stores is integral to crew satisfaction, safety, and efficient cargo vessel operations.

Contact DFS for all your cabin stores requests and we will help you increase crew comfort and secure a higher degree of operational performance.


Supreme engine stores are the lifeblood of all vessels, playing a pivotal role in the safe and efficient operation of the ship's engines. These products encompass essential spare parts, lubricants, maintenance tools and much more. The importance of having the right equipment and spare parts on board cannot be overstated.

First and foremost, engine reliability and performance hinge on the quality of these components. Cargo vessels often navigate challenging conditions, and the reliability of engine stores is instrumental in ensuring safe and efficient voyages. Well-maintained and high-quality engine parts decrease the likelihood of accidents resulting from engine failures or malfunctions.

We have decades of experience when it comes to engine stores, let us make sure that your vessel is fit to handle the toughest of conditions.


Having the right workwear and personal protection equipment (PPE) are of paramount importance on all vessels, serving multiple critical purposes. First and foremost is crew safety. PPE, encompassing helmets, gloves, safety glasses, and protective clothing, acts as a shield against occupational hazards such as heavy machinery, chemicals, and adverse weather conditions.

Additionally, the challenging maritime environment, including extreme weather conditions, requires workwear and PPE that provide insulation, heat resistance, and water protection. Furthermore, specialized gear may be necessary to safeguard the integrity of specific cargoes.

Let DFS make sure that your crew are protected on board, order your workwear & PPE from us today!

Cleaning chemicals

On every vessels, the significance of high-quality cleaning chemicals is of immense value. They serve as the cornerstone of crew health, maintaining cleanliness and minimizing the risk of onboard illnesses. These chemicals simplify adherence to stringent hygiene regulations, averting potential penalties. Furthermore, they play a crucial role in preserving cargo integrity, safeguarding sensitive or perishable goods. Beyond safety, operational efficiency benefits from a well-maintained, cleaner vessel, opting for environmentally friendly cleaning solutions demonstrates a commitment to responsible maritime practices.

DFS can supply all types of cleaning chemicals and are also the proud owner of the brand MARISOL, a complete range of heavy-duty maritime cleaning chemicals that are specifically produced for the demanding conditions within the industry of commercial shipping.